Web Development Jobs offer some of the best packages in the IT Industry and provide a very satisfying career.

Most of the applications today are web based. And with the advent of cloud technologies, web based services are the future of software development.

Though we do provide you with comprehensive notes, but our courses are mostly practical oriented. In fact you will be coding your own website from the first day on till the last class that you attend.

Our web development course is the most comprehensive course that very rare institutes offer. You will not just learn front-end development, back-end development and database connectivity, but you will also develop your very own live project to showcase as a proof of your skills.

There is an ever increasng demand of good Web Developers in the IT Industry

And We Provide 100% Placement Assistance

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We do not allow more than sixteen students in a batch and there are only two batches, a weekdays batch and a weekend batch. If you are interested in learning from the best in the field experts we will suggest you to apply right now to book your seat. We entertain on first come first serve basis.

Course Fees: INR 10,000/- plus Service Taxes
Course Duration : 3 Months
Course Hours : 60 Hours
Weekend Batch
 Also Available
Weekends Batch Starting From:  15th June 2017
Weekdays Batch Starting From:  17th June 2017



HTML 5 is a Markup Language which lets you define the basic structures and data o your website. Mastering HTML 5 i the first step in a Web Development course.


CSS 3 is a Stylesheet Language that allows us to change the layout and design of webpages. You will learn all the basic and advanced techniques used in CSS 3.


SASS is also a stylesheet language which is a superset of CSS. SASS overcomes the limitations of CSS3 and allows write less code which is more maintainable.


JavaScript is the most highly used client side scripting language which is supported by all web browsers. JavaScript allows you to execute code inside the web browser to handle data and HTML elements.


jQuery is a JavaScript library used by some of the top websites in the world. It helps us in writing simplified JavaScript code. Its helps us in doing more things with less code. Its also called a “Write Less Do More” javascript library.


Bootstrap is a front-end web framework that allows us to create responsive websites that look equally good in all devices including laptops, tablets and mobile phones.


PHP is one of the most famous and widely used server side scripting language. PHP lets us perform operations on server side and generate dynamic web pages on request. Some of the most famous websites made in PHP include Facebook, Digg, Tumblr, Dailymotion, and Slack.


SQL is a database query language used to create, modify and retrieve data from databases . MySQL is the most widely used relational database in the world that works on SQL. We will also teach you how to use ER-Diagrams to design databases.


Laravel is the most famous framework of PHP. A framework makes it easy to create large scale applications in a programming language. Learning a good framework along with a programming language is a must to understand all the strengths of the language.

Live Project

We provide free web hosting, free SSL certificates and free sub-domains to all our students which you can use to start creating your website and adding features to it after learning every new concept.

BYOD Course

We allow our students to bring their own Laptops or Tablets for performing the practicals in and after the class. To practice your skills having at least a laptop is preferred. We provide free high speed internet connectivity to two devices per student.