There are more than 15,000 Jobs for Digital Marketing experts on online job portals.

Digital Marketing offers a very satisfying career with good packages and opportunities of growth.

You will learn all the basic technical skills in our course. You will NOT -need any technical or Computer Science background to learn these basic skills.

Digital Marketing is the future of marketing. Time that people spend online is increasing every year. Which makes online marketing the most productive marketing strategy.

There are more than Tens of thousands of jobs Available in Digital Marketing

And We Provide 100% Placement Assistance

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We do not allow more than sixteen students in a batch and there are only two batches, a weekdays batch and a weekend batch. If you are interested in learning from the best in the field experts we will suggest you to apply right now to book your seat. We entertain on first come first serve basis.

Course Fees: INR 10,000/- plus Service Taxes
Course Duration : 2-Months
Course Hours : 40 Hours
Weekend Batch
 Also Available
Weekends Batch Starting From:  10 June 2017
Weekdays Batch Starting From:  12 June 2017



Search Engine Optimization

Bring your client’s websites to the front page of Search Engines. We will teach you some of the most least known whit hat SEO techniques that Search Engines don’t want you to know.

Webmasters Tools

Webmasters tools like Google Search Console, Bing Webmasters Tools, or, Yahoo Webmaster Tools, are the backbone of online campaign management. We will also teach your how to validate your Structured Data & Rich Cards in Webmasters Tools.

Traffic Tracking Tools

We will not just teach you Google Analytics & Facebook Insights, but, we you will also get to learn how to make completely customized reports for a website or mobile app.

Google Adwords

Google has combined all its advertisement platforms into one Google Adwords dashboard. You will learn how to create campaigns for Search Ads, Display Ads, Merchant Ads (Shopping Ads) & Youtube Video Ads and create their tracking codes.

Facebook Adverts

Facebook Adverts provides you with a comprehensive dashboard to have complete control over your campaigns. You will learn both, to manage Facebook advertisements with or without Facebook Adverts.

Website Optimization

We will teach you how to analyse and fix website performance and code quality. You will be able to learn how to get highest rating in Website Performance tracking tools like Google Page Speed Test or Pingdom.

Social Media Optimization

Social Media websites are the most traffic intensive websites in the world. You will learn how to optimizing the Social Media Presence of your clients to increase their organic leads and brand reputation.

Local SEO Management

You will learn how to optimize the presence of your client’s brand on Local SEO platforms like Google My Business or Business Listing Platforms like JustDial. You will also learn to optimize website content for better local SEO.

Basics of Web Development Technologies

You don’t need to be a Web Development expert to be a Digital Marketing Analyst, but a basic under standing of what are the web technologies and why are they needed will give you more advantage in your career.

Content Management Systems

You will learn the basics of major Content Management Systems like WordPress & Joomla. You will also learn how to use their famous plugins that make SEO & Digital Marketing a breeze.

Make Your Own Website & Do Its Digital Marketing

We provide free web hosting to all our students where we help you install your own CMS based websites and perform their SEO for practice. You will have your own live project which will be a proof of your skills.

BYOD Course

We allow our students to bring their own Laptops or Tablets for performing the practicals in and after the class. To practice your skills having at least a laptop is preferred.