Advanced Front-End Developers are highly in demand in the current scenario. Experts of modern front-end technologies are needed in every company these days.

Experts of technologies like Angular are among the highest paid developers in the IT Industry.

Single Page Apps is the future of web development. SPA frameworks will be used in nearly every web application is service. This has resulted in many front-end frameworks like React, Angular, Ionic, Phonegap etc.

This is a time when most of these front-end frameworks have become more stable and have standardized. The current scenario is the best time to learn these technologies. The time is NOW!

There is an ever increasing demand of good Front-End Web Developers in the IT Industry

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We do not allow more than sixteen students in a batch and there are only two batches, a weekdays batch and a weekend batch. If you are interested in learning from the best in the field experts we will suggest you to apply right now to book your seat. We entertain on first come first serve basis.

Course Fees: INR 18,000/- plus Service Taxes
Course Duration : 2.5 to 3 Months
Course Hours : 55 to 60 Hours
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It is recommended that you should have at least 6-Months to 1 year of experience in front-end development before you pursue this course. Proficiency in basic front end technologies like HTML, CSS and JavaScript is highly recommended.


Review of HTML, CSS & Javascript

(Duration : 5 Hrs)
This will be a review session to grasp those important concepts that are usually missed in a basic course.

jQuery, AJAX, JSON & Rest API's

(Duration : 10 Hrs)
jQuery is a very widely used JavaScript library that makes writing JavaScript code easier. AJAX is a method to request data from REST API’s on servers without page reloads. JSON is a format used to transfer such data between a client and a server.

Important JavaScript Libraries

(Duration : 5 Hrs)
JavaScript libraries like Bootstrap, jQueryValidation, & Materialize.js.


(Duration : 5 Hrs)
TypeScript is an open source programming language developed by Microsoft and used by companies like Google. It is a superset of JavaScript and brings features like classes, interfaces and inheritance which are absent in JavaScript. It is also used in Angular 2.

Angular 2

(Duration : 10 Hrs)
Angular 2 is one of the most famous front-end scripting frameworks. It is based on the TypeScript programming language and is used to build Single Page Apps. It has many multiple useful features that include routing, data binding, validation and controllers. There is a high demand of developers who know how to use this technology.

Phonegap / Cordova

(Duration : 5 Hrs) PhoneGap/Cordova is a hybrid mobile app development framework that is used for developing hybrid mobile apps for multiple mobile platforms like Android, iOS and Windows. It has many plugins that allow a mobile app to use native features in a mobile app like GPS or Camera. You will also learn basics of Node Package Manager (npm) in this part of the course.

Ionic 2

(Duration : 5 Hrs)
Ionic 2 is a Single Page App Framework for mobile app development that combines the power of Angular, Phonegap and TypeScript into a single framework. it allows us to develop mobile hybrid mobile apps that can communicate with REST API’s of a server and bind its controls and scripting variables to that data.

Introduction To More JavaScript Frameworks

(Duration : 10 Hrs)
To finish this course you will be introduced to more JavaScript frameworks like React.js, Knockout.js and Require.js. There will also be doubt sessions in this part of the course.

Live Project

We provide free web hosting, free SSL certificates and free sub-domains to all our students which you can use to start creating your website and adding features to it after learning every new concept.

BYOD Course

We allow our students to bring their own Laptops or Tablets for performing the practicals in and after the class. To practice your skills having at least a laptop is preferred. We provide free high speed internet connectivity to two devices per student.